Do you have any of the following?

Cold spots on radiators? • Is your central heating system slow to warm up?
Do your radiators need bleeding regularly? • Is the water in the system dirty?
Do you have repeated pump failures? • Do you have a noisy boiler?

Any of these symptoms could indicate that your system is suffering from circulation problems from internal corrosion causing sludge. This in turn means that your heating system has to work much longer and harder than when it was new to achieve a comfortable room temperature, wasting energy and money.

If you have a new boiler installed, most boiler companies insist that the system is powerflushed before the boiler is fitted or they will cancel the warranty. This is because they know the dirty water will reduce the efficiency, and can cause premature failures.

After the Powerflush you will get:

A fully cleaned, efficient system • Working hot radiators
Lower fuel bills • Peace of mind

Here is what some of our satisfied customers had to say:

"Very efficient, got on with the work very quickly. The system we have has been in for many years and left the engineer with many problems to resolve. We had a problem radiator in the kitchen that was barely getting warm, now its the hottest radiator in the house! We rate the service as excellent."
Mr K J Roger, Sandal

"An excellent first class service from a conscientious craftsman, I have every confidence in his workmanship. We noticed a significant improvement in the performance of our heating system. Highly Recommended."
Mr R S Ramsey, Wakefield

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